L. Peat O’Neil, FRGS

Travel adventure is my way of life. I travel through the world and learn about people, cultures, climates.  I believe we improve ourselves and advance spiritual understanding when we explore the ways of living in unfamiliar places.  My agenda is freedom of expression and connection. Implicit in that freedom is doing no harm to others, or any life form, or to the environment of our only home, Gaia.

A few links to my journalism.

Borneo – Kalimantan* Florida – Pine Island * Japan – book review

Kamchatka  – Siberia* Indonesia – Sumatra * Maryland – Boyds * Mexico City

Palestine – Israel * Panama * Paris * Singapore

Travel Books & Languages Bookstore Wash DC motivational workshop
Interviews and about L Peat O’Neil
Blogs and Other Writing
Organic in Mexico – Gastronomica, A Journal of Food and Culture
NoWhiteFood – Blog
WorldReader – Blog

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